Cantine Ferri

The Ferri family has been devoted to viticulture and wine production since the beginning of the twentieth century in Adelfia, a little town near Bari (Apulia). In the Seventies, the family moved to nearby Valenzano, where it built the present winery, with a capacity of about 6,000 hectolitres. The winery is located not far from the Romanesque Abbey of Ognissanti di Cuti from the eleventh century and is well equipped to pursue the best quality. It works with autochthonous grapes like: “PRIMITIVO di GIOIA del COLLE”, “NERO di TROIA”, “BOMBINO black and white”, “ROSATO”, “CHARDONNAY”, “GARGANEGA”, “CABERNET SAUVIGNON”, “MONTEPULCIANO”, “SANGIOVESE”. Ferri's aim is to produce well structured, opulent and soft wines, which reflect Apulia territory, its history, art and culture.