The philosophy

My passion for wine was born during my childhood, when my grandfather Nicola, continuing the work of his father Michele, founded a small vine-growing and wine-producing business, carried on by my father Andrea, who gave it the first real industrial connotation. I have seen producing wine with just the strength of one's arms, I still remember the cart loaded with wooden vats used for the fermentation of the harvested grapes, the hand-crushing, the decanting with the piston pump. And they were ancient and pleasant times, because, despite the hard work, the results were somehow more gratifying


Art of good wine

The Ferri family has been devoted to viticulture and wine production since the beginning of the twentieth century in Adelfia, a little town near Bari (Apulia). In the Seventies, the family moved to nearby Valenzano, where it built the present winery, with a capacity of about 6,000 hectolitres. The winery is located not far from the Romanesque Abbey of Ognissanti di Cuti from the eleventh century and is well equipped to pursue the best quality.



The cellar is equipped with all the necessary equipment to achieve maximum quality. Indigenous grapes are mainly processed.


The goal that the Ferri Company intends to achieve is to produce well structured, opulent, soft wines that fully reflect the solarness, art, history and culture of the Apulian territory.


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