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The magnificent rosato di Puglia of Cantine Ferri

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Il magnifico rosato di Puglia di Cantine Ferri - Foto 1

It is a fact that, with some exceptions, the best rosés in Italy are produced for some years in Abruzzo and Puglia. Here they reach peaks of excellence and pleasure that many times, many times, I have not found in the most 'noble and expensive cousins of the Alps. Today I want to write about a company from Puglia that is located in Valenzano in the province of Bari




TEL./FAX: 080/4671753

Wine tasting

Rubeo - Rosato di Puglia Igp 2010 gr. 12.5

Pleasantness, enjoyment, long persistence these are the main qualities of this wine, created to be "drunk" at the table and not to "surprise", but be sure that in two people there will not be a single drop.

Obtained from two native Apulian grapes such as Nero di Troia and Bombino Nero, it is presented in the glass of a cherry rose with a beautiful visual impact, brilliant; on the nose it is fresh, fragrant, floral and fruity, with hints of small fruits of the undergrowth: strawberries, currants and blueberries (the producer in the card also notes renne apple); in the mouth it is delicious, harmonious, palatable and inviting, with its light residual sugar that makes it very pleasant, rightly warm, drink inviting and flowing, with a slight note of almond in the mouth. It closes with a long final Persistence.

An excellent rosato of Puglia, which once again confirms how the land of Puglia is dedicated to the production of large rosés. To be classified very good / very good (88/100) Roberto Gatti